The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

 From the far-fetched to fairytale!

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My Big Fat Royal Gipsy Wedding, on Thursday night, to the Royal Wedding, on Friday morning.  I watched both and was equally captivated!

‘Every girl dreams of marrying a prince’…right?

I don’t know if that statement is really correct, I certainly didn’t dream of marrying Prince William…but I did dream that I would find the perfect man for me (my ‘Prince’, I suppose!). I wonder if Kate Middleton ever dreamt of becoming royalty, when she was little? Who knows! One thing is for sure – her dreams came true on Friday when she said ‘I do’ – for clearly they are delighted in each other. On the other hand, despite how unbelievable I might find the Gipsy Weddings, for these girls their dreams really are coming true as well.

So what are the things that dreams are made of? I reckon that everyone has dreams for their life – spoken, unspoken, unknown, unfulfilled and in process. Dreams (desires or longings) give us hope. Hope that we can be more than we imagined; hope that the impossible really can come true; and hope that there is more to life than what we currently see.

Everyone has dreams, everyone’s dreams are different. For some it’s to marry a ‘Prince’; others to own a business; to raise children; to make a difference; to make money; to become famous; to get out of debt; to provide for a family; to own their own home; to quit smoking; to be free from alcohol; to see their children flourish; to be healthy and illness free; to get fit; to pursue a career…the list goes on and on.

To hear another’s dreams is get a window into their heart and soul – to see what really matters to them. One of the saddest things, were dreams are concerned, are those that are abandoned. Those that have been forgotten, discouraged, stamped on or died.

‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick’

We were made to dream – to hope, to try, to long for. Not to do so, is to deny our heart and soul of who, or what, we could really be. Not all dreams come true, not all dreams are possible in this life, and not all are the best thing for us, when it comes to the crunch. But we have to dream, don’t we?

One of my dreams has always been to write. There I admit it. I’ve had lots of opportunities, due my work, to write sermon series’, bible study guides, articles and book reviews. And every time I love it – it really fires me and part of me comes alive. But I quickly forget about pursuing it – I get too busy; too lazy; too complacent; I lose belief in myself – what could I have to say that anyone would want to read; and I lose hope – I’ll never be a published writer, so what’s the point?

So I started this blog because I get to write. So what if I will never be published and my name will never appear on a book spine? Who cares if I don’t always have perfect grammar and sentence structure? Is it really a big deal, that it’s only me who proof reads my words?

With my blog, I get to write and some people get to read. So I am pursuing my dream and it feels good, it’s fun and it brings me alive.

‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick’.could abandoned dreams do the same?

What are your dreams? What do you long for? What would you do/be if no-one was watching?

Are you pursuing your dreams? I hope so.

P.s – thanks so much to all of you who have been reading and encouraging me in this…I really appreciate it 🙂